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A friend of mine on another site has had a serious medical setback over the past year or so. A condition that should have required simple surgery and a brief hospital stay turned into 5 month's worth of infections and complications, and he is still recovering. He and his family are financially exhausted and need some help.

Even if you can't help yourself, please help spread the word about his gofundme.

Thanks, all.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm just here to show off my writing and to stare at the pretty pictures.

I don't usually thank people for faves, even though they're much appreciated, just because that's a conversation that never really goes anywhere. But I almost always reply to comments!

Current Residence: Santa Cruz County, California


... and then whine when their posts get locked. And then start a complaints thread about it, only to lock it while I'm typing the following reply:
You don't post digital art in the Digital Art forum. You don't post photography in the Photography forum. And no, you don't post literature in the Literature forum. If you'd bothered to read the forum rules -- you know, that post at the top of the forum with the title in boldface that says in allcaps "READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules" -- you'd have known that. Or if you'd even bothered to read the description on the main forum page, "For all literary discussions - poetry and prose" you might have figured out that, yes, it's exactly a literature discussion forum.

The regulars there might get rude from time to time, but we get just a mite tired of people who can't be bothered. Writers don't read, apparently. But no one was even rude to you. You got zero snark, and had your post locked with nothing more than the standard polite boilerplate. Stop being such a fucking speshul snowflake.
So there's this legal humor blog I read. For good reason. Much of what happens in the law is so tragic you have to laugh at it just to keep yourself from constantly weeping over what the law does to people for no good reason. So this popped up on it today:…

To sum up:

- Two 16 year old kids exchanged nude selfies
- The cops came across the selfies while investigating something else
- Both were charged with making and distributing child porn
- Both were charged also with "exploitation", which is possession of child porn
- Because the age of consent is 16 in North Carolina, it would have been perfectly legal for them to actually have sex. But pictures are apparently worse than fucking.
- The charges list the kids both as the adult perpetrators -- because they're above the age of consent -- and the minor victims -- because they're under 18. For the very same photos. Of themselves.
- Thus far they've offered the girl a deal to plead to a misdemeanor. For taking and sending a picture of herself. They haven't offered the deal to the boy yet, who still has felony charges pending. Because he took pictures of himself.
- As the article points out, approximately 100% of teenagers nationwide are also guilty of these felonies.

Why is no one in North Carolina embarrassed to even talk about prosecuting these kids?

(In case anyone was wondering: In some places such as California, it is illegal for two teens under the age of consent to have sex at all, even with each other. And here, the age of consent is 18. So if two 16 year olds have sex with each other in California, it's technically a misdemeanor. Not a felony because they're less than 3 years apart in age. But no one in their right mind in California actually arrests anyone for this.)
One of the optional updates currently in my Windows Update list is this one:…

That may be a lot of information, but it doesn't say anything about what all this actually does. What "compatibility" issues? How is it supposed to "ease the upgrade experience to the latest version of Windows"? What else does it do?

Anyone know?
This is a bit of a puzzler.

There were two hack attempts on my Steam account yesterday. They were from Venezuelan IP addresses, but I assume they actually came from elsewhere and were attacking through proxies. They must have actually had my password since Steam Guard sent the verification code to my email. Fortunately, I did have Steam Guard turned on, and nothing was changed in my account when I had a chance to log in, so it seems they were ultimately unsuccessful.

I don't often log in to Steam, but this happened the day after I left myself logged in overnight to catch up on downloading some game updates. Since I hadn't logged in for about a month before then, and it had been even longer before that, it seems more than coincidental. However, I use AVG, which is the sole piece of software on my system which I allow to update automatically, and it has detected no keyloggers in operation.

I haven't given out my username/password to anyone, or ever logged in via a link from an email -- phishing attempts are fairly transparent, but I never do this anyway as a precaution. Hell, I even have trouble remembering my password, and on the rare occasions when I need it, it takes me 2 or 3 tries to log in. Which is why I'm not sure I should be worried or not: I can't remember what my password was even though I logged in with it the day before yesterday. There was one weak password which I've long abandoned but once used fairly often. If that's what was what I'd used on Steam, then it should have been easy to get from an encrypted password file. But the other likely password shouldn't have been easy to determine by any method. If someone managed to hack it, I need to be a tad worried. Not too worried, mind, since the only sensitive account attached to the relevant email address was PayPal, and I removed that address from PayPal as a precaution.

I did change my password last night, of course, and disconnected all other logged in devices in the Steam Guard settings.

Has there been a rash of Steam hacks recently, or security breaches resulting in a compromise of user information? I've found news of one no later than November, 2011. I can't recall if I changed my password since then, so it's not impossible someone got hold of an old password file and went trolling for vulnerable accounts. But if not that, I'm very much wondering how it happened.

Edit: Perhaps I'm overreacting, but I've been online since at least 1995, and this is literally the first time I've ever had someone come close to successfully hacking any of my online accounts.
Suppose a novice artist were to go into the Digital Art forum and say, "I know I need a landscape feature in this part of my background, and another human figure over here, but I don't know how to make them look right. Can someone draw them for me?" What kind of reaction are they likely to get?

My guess is they'll get answers ranging from "No." to "Fuck no." to "Do your own goddamn work, noob." to "Sure. Here are my commission rates." It'd be kind of silly for them to expect anything else. That's pretty obvious, right? A piece of art should be the artist's own work. Having someone else do the work for you makes it not yours anymore.

So why do we see a constant stream of posts here from novice writers asking the forum for essentially the same thing? "Write this backstory for me." "I don't have a plot; how should it go?" "Give me some ideas." "What should my title be?" "What should this character's name be?"

My guess is that these people do not yet appreciate literature as an art form. Art should self-evidently be the work of an artist, and part of its value derives not just from its objective quality but from being an original work that's different in important ways from what any other artist would have produced. You're not making a product by means of a process; you're exercising your creative powers to create something unique to you.

If that's how you approach writing, asking someone else to do part of the work for you ought to be totally out of the question.

Questions about how to do this or that are perfectly understandable, even when often the answers are only a Google search away. For a total novice it's hard to know where to begin or what questions to ask, and Google can find mutually contradictory advice.

Or is it something else? Have I missed something?

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Cause and Effect:
The Universe Itself:
Design and Purpose:
Natural Laws:
Human Conscience:
Desire for Justice:
Nature Itself Reveals the Existence of God:
The Earth is Unique:
Even the Heavens Declare the Existence of God:
Science Proves Creation by Itself:
The Scripture from The Bible:

do not reply to this, ignore and hide if you want, you asked for proof, here is some. I am not saying that it is flawless, but at least I got you some, your proof for Atheism also has some er... issues, but I don't know how to say it without sounding like a jerk so, I'll leave that to someone else.
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First, I don't recall asking for "proof" of anything at all.

Second, none of this proves what you want it to. Much of it is circular, or begs the question, or presents "proofs" long since discredited. The rest is either explicable by known natural laws, or amounts to, "We don't know, therefore God" which is among the silliest syllogisms the more ignorant of you believers try to cram down people's throats.

Third, I didn't "prove" atheism, nor did I attempt to. You assholes keep trying to reverse the proper burden of proof. All that's needed in support of atheism is to point that out. (And I'm not an atheist.)

Fourth, you already sound like a jerk for posting this nonsense to MY profile and then ordering me not to respond. Go fuck yourself.
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On this… my problem is that my ideas, even ones I see as my own, are usually too close to something I've seen before without knowing it. Now, I don't ask people to write for me, other than coming up with names (I'm really bad with names) but um, yea... I feel like sometimes, it's just hard to find that inspiration you were looking for, without your resulting work seeming too much like it. But that's just me. 
Lytrigian Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Ideas are always going to be close to other ideas. As I said in the note, they're the foundation to a story, nothing more. What makes a story unique is what you do with your ideas, not the ideas themselves. This is less about inspiration than about work. If you put enough work into a story, it's not going to much resemble its inspirations.
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