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A friend of mine on another site has had a serious medical setback over the past year or so. A condition that should have required simple surgery and a brief hospital stay turned into 5 month's worth of infections and complications, and he is still recovering. He and his family are financially exhausted and need some help.

Even if you can't help yourself, please help spread the word about his gofundme.

Thanks, all.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm just here to show off my writing and to stare at the pretty pictures.

I don't usually thank people for faves, even though they're much appreciated, just because that's a conversation that never really goes anywhere. But I almost always reply to comments!

Current Residence: Santa Cruz County, California


This is a bit of a puzzler.

There were two hack attempts on my Steam account yesterday. They were from Venezuelan IP addresses, but I assume they actually came from elsewhere and were attacking through proxies. They must have actually had my password since Steam Guard sent the verification code to my email. Fortunately, I did have Steam Guard turned on, and nothing was changed in my account when I had a chance to log in, so it seems they were ultimately unsuccessful.

I don't often log in to Steam, but this happened the day after I left myself logged in overnight to catch up on downloading some game updates. Since I hadn't logged in for about a month before then, and it had been even longer before that, it seems more than coincidental. However, I use AVG, which is the sole piece of software on my system which I allow to update automatically, and it has detected no keyloggers in operation.

I haven't given out my username/password to anyone, or ever logged in via a link from an email -- phishing attempts are fairly transparent, but I never do this anyway as a precaution. Hell, I even have trouble remembering my password, and on the rare occasions when I need it, it takes me 2 or 3 tries to log in. Which is why I'm not sure I should be worried or not: I can't remember what my password was even though I logged in with it the day before yesterday. There was one weak password which I've long abandoned but once used fairly often. If that's what was what I'd used on Steam, then it should have been easy to get from an encrypted password file. But the other likely password shouldn't have been easy to determine by any method. If someone managed to hack it, I need to be a tad worried. Not too worried, mind, since the only sensitive account attached to the relevant email address was PayPal, and I removed that address from PayPal as a precaution.

I did change my password last night, of course, and disconnected all other logged in devices in the Steam Guard settings.

Has there been a rash of Steam hacks recently, or security breaches resulting in a compromise of user information? I've found news of one no later than November, 2011. I can't recall if I changed my password since then, so it's not impossible someone got hold of an old password file and went trolling for vulnerable accounts. But if not that, I'm very much wondering how it happened.

Edit: Perhaps I'm overreacting, but I've been online since at least 1995, and this is literally the first time I've ever had someone come close to successfully hacking any of my online accounts.
Suppose a novice artist were to go into the Digital Art forum and say, "I know I need a landscape feature in this part of my background, and another human figure over here, but I don't know how to make them look right. Can someone draw them for me?" What kind of reaction are they likely to get?

My guess is they'll get answers ranging from "No." to "Fuck no." to "Do your own goddamn work, noob." to "Sure. Here are my commission rates." It'd be kind of silly for them to expect anything else. That's pretty obvious, right? A piece of art should be the artist's own work. Having someone else do the work for you makes it not yours anymore.

So why do we see a constant stream of posts here from novice writers asking the forum for essentially the same thing? "Write this backstory for me." "I don't have a plot; how should it go?" "Give me some ideas." "What should my title be?" "What should this character's name be?"

My guess is that these people do not yet appreciate literature as an art form. Art should self-evidently be the work of an artist, and part of its value derives not just from its objective quality but from being an original work that's different in important ways from what any other artist would have produced. You're not making a product by means of a process; you're exercising your creative powers to create something unique to you.

If that's how you approach writing, asking someone else to do part of the work for you ought to be totally out of the question.

Questions about how to do this or that are perfectly understandable, even when often the answers are only a Google search away. For a total novice it's hard to know where to begin or what questions to ask, and Google can find mutually contradictory advice.

Or is it something else? Have I missed something?
I would happily stand by all the positive comments you've received on this so far. Not only is it generally well-written, it shows to Western readership a highly significant aspect of WWII that is all too often ignored or downplayed. Americans -- and perhaps British -- tend to focus on their own achievements of that war. It's easy to forget the deep suffering and heroic actions of the Soviet Union during that time, without which Allied victory would not have come as quickly or as easily. As joyous V-E day was to the West, it must have brought ten times much jubilation to the USSR.

However, I have to quibble with a few issues here, just because that's what I do.

The disclaimers at the front say nothing more than that this is a piece of historical fiction written in English. They're not necessary. From your gallery I see you put some kind of disclaimer in front of every story you write. I'm not sure why. Is it a legal requirement where you live?

"Sven" is a very uncommon name in Russia. I know lots of Russians and not a single one is named Sven, nor could I find any Russians named Sven via Google. It gave me real trouble in trying to figure out where you had set the scene to start with. I knew it was Russia only because your disclaimer said so, but it's 4 or 5 paragraphs in before we find a clue in the text. At best I figured it was somewhere in the northwest, not too far from Scandinavia, perhaps St PetersburgLeningrad, or even somewhere in Karelia since nothing about your opening implies an urban setting. Moscow never even occurred to me.

Since this takes place in the small hours of the morning, is it 9 May, when the instrument of surrender was signed in Moscow time? If so, there would have been no "front" for about a week despite surviving pockets of German resistance, as Berlin had fallen on 2 May. But this cannot have been the fall of Berlin, since as far as I can tell Weilding surrendered Berlin to Zhukov at around 1500, and Moscow is only 2 hours ahead of Berlin.

"Bitterly cold breezes" were blowing -- in May? Was 1945 a particularly cold year? I haven't heard that it was. While May weather in Russia is far from balmy, it'd be remarkable if it were "bitterly cold" by Russian standards.

But these are just things I tripped over in what is otherwise quite a good story concerning a significant historical event. I'm submitting this as a critique so it doesn't clutter up your comments page; if you'd rather not acknowledge it for display with the story I won't mind too much.
A friend of mine on another site has had a serious medical setback over the past year or so. A condition that should have required simple surgery and a brief hospital stay turned into 5 month's worth of infections and complications, and he is still recovering. He and his family are financially exhausted and need some help.

Even if you can't help yourself, please help spread the word about his gofundme.

Thanks, all.
I have a last name that's moderately difficult to spell.

My paternal great-grandparents were Slavs, from a region called Galicia which is now in Poland, but at the time they immigrated to the US was ruled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. As far as they were concerned the capital city was "Pest", the half of Budapest on the east bank of the Danube. When it came to writing in "latinica", not their usual alphabet, they therefore used the prevailing rules from Hungarian. That means my name begins with a rather unexpected combination of consonants.

So anyone who asks my name will not be able to write it down or look it up if I just say it for them. I'm used to that. So I say, "I'll spell it for you," and then proceed to do just that.

Four times today -- four FUCKING times -- I got through spelling it only to be met with a blank stare, and something along the lines of "Um, what? Could you spell that again?"

Look. You asked for my name. I told you, in no uncertain terms, I was going to spell it for you. I paused after saying that, allowing you time to put your careful listening ears on. The fact I was going to spell it instead of just saying it should have been a signal that the spelling was going to be difficult. I spelled it SLOWLY, with special emphasis on the no doubt unexpected opening consonants. WOULD IT HAVE FUCKING KILLED YOU TO HAVE ACTUALLY LISTENED?

This happens all the time. But this morning did not go well, as evinced by the fact that I had occasion to give my last name out on four separate occasions. This only happens when I have business to transact, and I don't particularly enjoy transacting that much business when I'm trying to get to work. The least people could do, when I'm already having a bad day, is to FUCKING LISTEN when I'm answering their goddamn questions.

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